In 2022 we present a new cardio line which features many technical innovations in both, hardware and software. While the mechanical changes are essentially device-specific, the new monitor is being used across all lines.

What has not changed is, that the entire series continues to be manufactured in Germany. This secures jobs, saves resources - and thus the environment - and gives enormous flexibility in order-related production.

The most obvious change is the monitor with its full-colour TFT touch. We are proud to have such a display that retains the emotion fitness USP - independence from the power grid - at low speeds and powers. This means that all units, with the exception of the treadmills, can be used with most of the available options without an external power connection. The electricity produced by one's own movement on the training device is first used to power up the monitor, any surplus generated charges a capacitor, so that subsequent users can enter their training parameters without initial pedaling. Additionally, a mobile device can also be charged wirelessly via a built-in Qi charger without any plug connection.

The capacitive 7'' touch display convinces with a variety of views and enhanced visualizations. We have given great importance to the fact that the operation remains comprehensible. On the bike ergometer, recumbent bike and cross trainer, a display of the force distribution between the two sides of the body, our motion balance light system comes as a standard feature.

The optional programme package extends the 3 standard training programmes with various intelligent add ons such isokinetic training, intervals, tests on the cycle ergometer, programme memory and full functionality of the motion balance system for cycle, relax and corss, which is protected by a worldwide patent. The motion balance system also adds the games for certain products.

Less visible, but important in today's daily training routine, is the connectivity of the new control unit, which we put a lot of attention to during the development of the console. Here RFID identification as well as NFC and barcode identification is possible. Just as identification, data transmission to the training control systems can be done in a variety of ways, making it easy to implement the devices wirelessly. One of the new connection options is to hook up to a smartphone or tablet, which can exchange data with a database or via an app.

In order to make configuration easy, we have developed three equipment packages for our various monitor functions:

Model Variety

monitor 900

The monitor of the motion line 900 contains all the functions needed for the next generation of medically certified, professional cardio machines and enables superior training methods as well as system integration.

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motion cycle 900

The motion cycle 900 comes along with various technical improvements. The newly developed fine monitor is combined with constructional changes such as the larger step through, the wider adjustment range on the seat post and an optionally adjustable handle...

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motion relax 900

The motion relax 900 is a comfortable training machine for long endurance workouts, for patients with neurological and orthopedic limitations as well as for very heavy users...

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motion cross 900

The motion cross 900 is a popular machine for trainees who appreciate the upright body posture and comprehensive activation...

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motion body 900

The motion body 900 is the perfect training machine to strengthen or mobilize the upper body and the arms specifically. Its wide height adjustment makes it ideal even for a standing training.

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motion body 900 WM

The wall mounted motion body 900 WM upper body ergometer is the space saving variation of the standard motion body 900 machine. The wall assembly saves money and space and offers flexibility with respect to usage when sitting, standing or when using a wheelchair.

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motion stair 900

The motion stair 900 is bedrock of cardio training and combines “activities of daily life” with endurance training as well as providing a challenge to coordination. To say that it can be replaced by the cross trainer does not measure up to this demanding exercise machine...

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motion sprint 900 SL

The motion sprint 900 SL/SE is a professional, very robust treadmill with lamella technology and low energy consumption. The SL versions contain inclination adjustment, whereas the SE versions come without.

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motion sprint 900 SE

The motion sprint 900 SE offers all the comfort and the advantages of the lamella system, just like the SL version. The scope of benefits is reduced by the gradient adjustment which therefore reduces the costs for this machine.

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motion sprint 900 PL

The motion sprint 900 PL or PL med represent a benchmark in the field of sliding plate technology and leave almost no wishes unanswered.

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